Sureify is an enterprise SaaS platform that enables insurers to acquire, engage, and cross-sell throughout a customer’s lifetime. It has developed through several business models as a side project with co-workers during the past 4 years. In the past 16 months, it has grown into a company with 25+ employees, several rounds of funding, and has most recently on-boarded its first customer.

I am tasked with designing a complete product offering, with a customer experience (Android, iOS, and web apps), insurance data and analytics platform, and agent engagement panel. The current goal is to simultaneously build this product, close more funding, and on-board at least 4 more customers by the end of this year.

I am the Head of Design at Sureify. I work closely with the CEO, CTO, and Head of Product. I also manage the product team (2 product managers and 15 engineers). I am producing a working beta for testing, selling, and acquirement purposes. Currently, I am creating and designing all landing pages, marketing material, product design, and application design (mobile and web). You can view the Dribbble page here or go to Sureify.com

Enterprise Software

Design Systems
I and building a large design system to support the complex SaaS platform to help with consistency and efficient designing process. It uses the Atomic Design System principles, including documentation and a full component library that can be leveraged by multiple designers and developers at once.

Design System.png
Customer Engagement Tools.png

Customer Engagement Tools
A large portion of the platform includes customer engagement and communication tools. Carriers can interact with their policyholders and receive valuable data on their behavior.

I'm constantly researching other competitors such as Mixpanel, Urban Airship, and Salesforce to get a better understanding of industry standards and what marketers are looking for in a useful tool.


Analytics and Big Data
I'm also designing various analytics tools that leverage big data from multiple sources (both direct and third party). Insurers want to better understand their policyholders and learn how to better serve them.

Working with engineers to build an MVP for a machine learning model that incorporates basic data analyzation with our investors' automated underwriting platform (which is being sold in tandem with our platform).

Big Data.png

Customer Experience

Connected IoT Devices
There are also customer-facing applications that connect with the SaaS platform. Part of the application includes an Internet-of-Things layer that provides carriers with policyholder health data.

We use a third party integration that allows customers to connect any fitness device they want to our platform. I designed the integration process and how customers interact with it on their mobile device.

This adds a wellness factor for the insurer, which also provides brand awareness (instead of promoting preparedness for death, they can instead promote healthy living and engagement).

  Initial Desktop Concept  The client had a desktop version designed as a concept to springboard the mobile designs off of. I used it to build the mobile design system.
iOS and Android Apps.png

Companion Android & iOS Apps
The customer uses our mobile app to engage and interface with their selected carrier. Using the SaaS platform, carriers can push content to this mobile app, as well as receive the interactive data from its policyholders.

Currently, I am designing a uniform design system to be used across both Android and iOS, with plans to switch to React Native for consistency and development efficiency.

Branding & Marketing

Branding and Logo.png

Logo and Branding
I expanded Sureify's branding from its original logo to include a design language that speaks to enterprise clients, primarily large insurers and re-insurers (our primary customers).

This branding includes web components, type and image treatments, marketing and sales materials, and internal promotional goodies.

Corporate Website.png

Corporate Website Design
Included with the branding, I designed the initial corporate website from the ground up. We created this website to garner venture capitalist and customer interests, which receives a lot of natural traffic based on Google inquiries and various insurtech websites.